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Majorminor // Profile

Majorminor is a multifaceted design studio based in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

We help brands to scale their business and extend their reach by creating immediate, memorable connections between them and their audiences.

Who We Are

From Silicon Valley icons to socially conscious non-profits to arts organizations and innovative startups, we solve design challenges of all shapes and sizes. Great design is an answer. A solution. But before we get there, we ask a lot of questions. Run a lot of tests. Check the boxes and fill in the blanks. And on that path, we uncover your brand's true needs. Many of which you didn't even know you had. We use all the tools at our disposal to meet those goals and creatively engage your audience. On their terms.

Our aesthetic and approach bridges effective design with the culture and environment that surrounds us. And that shapes how we live and breathe and look at the world every day in San Francisco. Think Giant Steps' rhythms guiding a web layout. Yamasaki-inspired content strategy. Color prompted by Murakami. The result is authentic, efficient, and elegant work that strives to do the right thing, engage deeply, and resonate gracefully over time.

Our Philosophy

We are a dedicated, tightknit group of designers and communicators who never liked the rules. So we set out to write new ones. We're the folks who pored over the liner notes. Reverently tore through comic books. Had our minds turned inside out by Miles. Saville. Tribe. Stuff that continues to reverberate decades later.

Now we create those connections for others, making immediate impact and building lasting impressions and brand identities from the [under]ground up.

We want our work to spark a conversation. To start a fire. To inspire 10,000 retweets. And that starts with our collaboration with you—from initial execution and beyond. We like to listen. To speak your language. And to speak our own, too.


Strategy & Positioning
Logotypes & Brand Marks
Identity Systems
Brand Guidelines

We shape brands from abstract concepts into tangible entities by creating a visual identity system and touchpoints from the bottom up. And bring fresh, creative thinking to identity-reimagining campaigns for established brands.

Visual Communication
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Motion Graphics

We speak your language. And help you to develop and implement successful visual communications strategies to build brand awareness and loyalty.


Visual Design
UX Design
Social Media
Content Strategy
Responsive Development
Adaptive Development


We use the modern web to create functional, reliable brand experiences. And ensure a seamless experience across platforms. We'll also help to execute your content and build a bulletproof system to support it.

Who We Work With